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160 Clifton Drive N.E. Warren, OH 44484 || TEL: 330-856-4587 || FAX: 330-609-5504

Welcome to J.B. INDUSTRIES, Ltd.

As a full-service industry leader in machine design, quality workmanship, and innovative ideas, JB Industries has been providing superior service and support to manufacturers and O.E.M. builders for over 20 years.  At JB Industries we strive to provide our customers with superior assistance in robotics, machine design, and electrical engineering among a suite of other engineering and manufacturing services.

Robotics has drastically increased productivity, efficiency, speed, and costs across a variety of industries.  From forging, steel processing, pipe and tube handling, and cast metals, JB Industries has leveraged the power and capacity of robotics to improve automation.  Robotics and industrial robots have positively altered the way in which products are changed through qualities of superior precision and consistency.  Further, robotics can help to improve the morale within industrial environments as people are not always necessary in order to complete mundane and hazardous tasks.  Because they can work tirelessly and quickly, using industrial robots to reduce company overhead can stimulate an increase in company profits.

In addition to robotics, we specialize in machine design at JB Industries.  From design and rebuild services to equipment installation, machine wiring, piping arrangements, and production machining, among an array of other machine design services, we can effectively help you to find logical solutions for your applications.  We can also help you to retrofit any existing machines from relay panel to Plc controls. Feel free to contact us directly with any questions that you may have concerning machine design processes and services.

At JB Industries, we also concentrate on electrical engineering services.  From electrical controls design to electrical conduit and cable schedules, electrical control panels, and equipment installation services, we offer a host of electrical engineering and manufacturing services.  Electrical engineering functions to streamline and automate processes while providing us with a more efficient way of life.  Leveraging the power and versatility of electrical engineering can significantly impact both productivity and success levels.

Please contact us with any questions or concerns about robotics, machine design, or electrical engineering.  For more information feel free to call us at 330-856-4587 or email us at j.bancroft@jb-industries.com.

Full Service Design & Manufacturing Services

Engineering Services

  • Machine Design
  • Electrical Controls Design
  • Control Panel Layout
  • Electrical Conduit & Cable Schedules
  • Equipment Installation Engineering (Electrical, Mechanical, & Piping)
  • Machine Wiring And/Or Piping Arrangements W/B.O.M.
  • Project Management

Manufacturing Services

  • CNC Machining And Fabrication “Job Shop”
  • Special Machines And Fixture Manufacture (To Your Prints Or Ours)
  • Electrical Control Panels
  • Machine Rebuild Services
  • Retrofit Existing Machines From Relay Panel To Plc Controls
  • Production Machining, Welding, & Assembly
  • Equipment Installation Services